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01 July

This Company Has Amassed Powerful New Hacking Tools

04 October

TorGuard is Now Available on Every Amazon Device!

09 June

Is Google Chrome secretly filming its users while they browse the internet?

10 March

Vault 7 : Wikileaks releases alleged C.I.A. hacking documents, smartphones security at risk

13 December

Several Netgear Routers have a Confirmed Security Vulnerability

29 October

Why you should replace your WiFi router

21 October

Get the Best iPad Air VPN with TorGuard

09 September

Meet the Nighthawk X6 DDWRT VPN Router

22 July

The Best VPN Routers of 2015

02 July

TorGuard VPN Now on Amazon Kindle Fire

04 June

New TorGuard iPhone & iPad VPN App