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31 December

India is Debating New Internet Surveillance Laws

31 October

Thailand Orders Cafes and Restaurants to Log Customer WiFi Data

16 July

US Tech Giants Are Helping China Improve Censorship and Surveillance

08 December

Australian Government Passes New Encryption Law

25 October

Cook Calls for US Privacy laws, yet Complies with Chinese Censorship

20 September

Wikileaks Reveals “Peter-Service” Company Building Major Russian Surveillance Network

19 September

Snapchat Blocks Al Jazeera to Obey Saudi Arabian Laws

08 September

Leak Reveals Internet Censorship and Surveillance Proposals for European Union

05 July

China Bans Gay Content Online, LGBT Community Outraged

29 June

Egypt Blocks More Than 114 Websites and Counting

16 June

Japan Passes Controversial Law Despite Privacy Concerns