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09 September

Cambodia to Censor the News and Arrest Journalists in the Name of “Ethics”

02 September

Internet Censorship is Damaging the Digital Economy

29 August

Using a VPN is Blasphemous in Turkmenistan

28 August

Cuba is Criminalizing Criticism

05 August

Iran is shutting down the internet (again) to hide use of deadly force

19 July

Big Tech May Step Away from Hong Kong Due to Censorship Concerns

25 June

How Apple is Playing a Key Role in Censoring the Web

22 June

India’s Government is at a Standoff with Censorship and Internet Privacy

14 June

The Nigerian Government Blocks Twitter Indefinitely

12 June

Bing Temporarily Censors “Tank Man” On Tiananmen Square Anniversary

12 June

Cuba is Facing a New Digital Revolution