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04 October

TorGuard is Now Available on Every Amazon Device!

02 October

Why TorGuard VPN is Now Charging VAT for EU Consumers

27 September

Everything to Know About Email Encryption

25 September

PCMag Names TorGuard the Fastest VPN in 2018

17 September

Google’s Project Dragonfly Promotes Chinese Censorship and Surveillance

12 September

European Parliament Approves Controversial Copyright Directive

06 September

Switch to TorGuard with our Fresh Start Promo and get 30 Days Free

06 September

TorGuard Now Offers Business VPN White labeling on all plans

25 August

Special Thanks to Kushal from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs

18 August

TorGuard Disables Compression to Protect Against Voracle Attacks

26 July

Five Reasons Why SMBs Need Business VPN Service