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Date Archives: October 2017

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31 October

Russia’s VPN laws go into effect this week

27 October

China Integrates Voice Tracking and Logging into Massive Surveillance Network

19 October

How to Update DDWRT & Tomato Routers to Protect Against the KRACK Attack

17 October

Indonesia Implementing Automated Censorship in Early 2018

16 October

KRACK Attack Destroys WPA Protocol Leaving Wi-Fi Hopelessly Vulnerable

13 October

Waze to be Blocked Permanently in Iran due to Israeli Origin

07 October

New TorGuard OpenVPN 2.4 Update and Stealth VPN Improvements

05 October

Could Egypt be Blocking OpenVPN Connections?

02 October

Despite Internet Censorship and Police Brutality, Spain’s Referendum Reaches 90% Approval Rate