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Date Archives: July 2017

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31 July

Australia is Trying to Ban End-to-End Encryption

25 July

Russia Passes New Law to Attempt VPN Ban

21 July

Verizon Admits to Throttling Netflix Traffic

19 July

Advantages of Using a Dedicated IP VPN

18 July

UK Plans Unrealistic Age Verification for Explicit Online Content

15 July

China Seeks to Delete Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo from the Internet

14 July

Dutch Law Threatens to Wiretap Family and Friends

12 July

Tumblr Releases 300 Anonymous Users’ Personal Info

10 July

China Orders Telecom Carriers to Block VPNs by February

07 July

How to Use TorGuard VPN on a Wifi Router

05 July

China Bans Gay Content Online, LGBT Community Outraged