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How to setup OpenVPN for Chromebook

This guide is aimed at allowing you to use your TorGuard subscription on your Chromebook device.

1. Import TorGuard OpenVPN server certificate

  • Download the certificate by clicking here
  • Go to chrome://settings/certificates
  • Click the Authorities tab
  • Click the Import button and select the certificate you just download
  • A dialog box will appear. Confirm it and click OK
  • Reboot your Chromebook device

2. Configure TorGuard VPN OpenVPN connection

  • Log in to your Chromebook
  • Click the status bar at the bottom-right of your desktop screen
  • Choose Settings item
  • Under the Internet connection section, click Add connection
  • Choose Add private network... item

3. Fill in the necessary fields as follow:

  • Type one of the following TorGuard VPN servers hostnames in the Server hostname field located here
  • Type in TorGuard (can be anything) for service name
  • Select OpenVPN as the provider type
  • Select Torguard ca.crt as the Server CA certificate
  • Select Non installed as the User certificate
  • Type in your VPN account Username in the Username field
  • Type in your VPN account Password in the Password field
  • Click Connect

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