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How to Unblock Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, Hulu, Pandora and more!

Open communication, free access to information, and personal privacy; this is the Internet the way it was originally intended. TorGuard offers low-cost, subscription-based VPN services that route your online activity through our secure, private VPN servers located in the USA, Netherlands, Romania, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Russia. Use them for anonymous bittorrent access or to hide your IP address and unblock sites like Facebook and Youtube so you can watch what you want to watch regardless of the country you live in


TorGuard provides you with a secure VPN (virtual private network) service so that no matter where you live, you traffic will be routed through our servers in the country of your choice.

What does this mean?

It means that you can Skype with family and friends, unblock Youtube so that you can watch TV or music videos, and unblock Facebook so that you can share and communicate in complete privacy.

Do you enjoy movie and TV entertainment sites? What about free music sites? Are you being blocked or restricted because your are trying to login from outside the allowed service area? Did you know that U.S.-based sites like Hulu will not work if they detect that you are attempting to access them from outside the U.S? Similarly, UK-based sites will not work if they are being accessed from outside the U.K.

Using our VPN service you can bypass government and ISP restrictions and view all of your favorite movies and shows and listen to your favorite music online, free, and with maximum security. Our VPN servers make is so that these sites “see” you as if you were located in an unblocked country, and thus you are permitted instant access.

With a subscription to TorGuard’s VPN service, you get access to anonymous bittorrent protection and the ability to choose one of our global server locations, so that everything you do on the web will appear as though you are doing it from a country you choose.


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Access Social Media - Access Facebook, Twitter, and more!

It is becoming increasingly common that workplaces, universities and entire countries and ISP’s are blocking entire social media, blogs, forums, news and gaming web sites. They do this for a variety of “reasons” (their own network security, downright censorship), but the end result is that you are prohibited from going to sites of your own choosing.

Do not stand for this- simply sign up for an anonymous TorGuard VPN account and within seconds regain access to and unblock these sites which you wish to visit yet others are attempting to keep you from. This is a secure and encrypted connection which nobody- not your service provider, not your university or company’s IT team- can block or access. At TorGuard VPN we give you the ability to visit any web sites you desire, while at the same time maintaining your complete anonymity.