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TorrentCloud Seedboxes

Seedbox basics

A seed box is a dedicated server which is configured specifically to upload and download torrents. They’re usually used by serious users or bymembers of private torrent trackers to help seed torrents to gain upload ratio.
Seedboxes have become increasingly common over the last few years as internet providers clamp down on torrent traffic. A seedbox allows end users to bypass ISP limitations and throttling by using a seedbox as a torrenting proxy. The files can later be downloaded off the seedbox via http thereby bypassing any ISP restrictions.

TorrentCloud WebUI rtorrent Seedboxes

If you’re looking to purchase a seedbox for yourself you may be inundated with the vast array of different services available. In fact there are hundreds of seedboxes with varying degrees of features.
TorrentCloud Seedbox user interface runs using “rtorrent” an extremely fast and efficient torrent client. This lightweight and simple web based system can be loaded from any web enabled device giving you full control of your torrents on the go. With TorrentCloud seedboxes, you can manage your entire torrent collection in a portable online seedbox. Enjoy blazing download speeds with online torrent storage boxes up to 120GB. Stream many popular media formats directly from any FLASH/html5 enabled browser. Take control of your torrents with our light and portable user interface!  Protect your personal privacy and data while downloading torrents by using our secure network of seedbox servers.


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