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Unlock Skype With a TorGuard VPN

A Secure VPN for Skype – Access Skype Anywhere and stay private

You probably use Internet access primarily for communication. A good connection gives you access to free chatting tools like Yahoo Messenger, as well as video-calling with communications platforms like Google’s Gtalk. And the number one way to communication on everyone’s list is Skype. With the VPN service from TorGuard, you can access this great tool regardless of where you are in the world and what access walls local governments have erected.

In countries ranging from Panama, Belize, Mexico, and Brazil, to Ethiopia, the UAE, and China, PC-based Skype calls have been deliberately and explicitly blocked for any computer with a normal IP.

If you are struggling with this kind of ban and wondering how you can unblock Skype in these locations, the answer is easy. Use TorGuard’s VPN service!

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best and most secure ways to unblock Skype, even in countries where access to this and other services and sites is banned. You can use our VPN to set up a private network for personal communications to anywhere in the world, and it will disguise all your internet access including Skype, email, web browsing, and even hide your downloading activity on bittorrent just like a torrent proxy.

The connection works exactly the same as your own private network would; only it mainly utilizes the World Wide Web to make a connection between your computer and Skype servers, routed through our VPN to protect you.

Skype is by probably the most popular VOIP service of all time, with millions of users worldwide and growing. It is free and reliable, and Skype bans across the globe have left a lot of perplexed users struggling to find the best internet communication tool. Until recently, only tech-savvy users in banned countries had the ability to rely on Skype-specific VPNs on the web.

But not anymore. Now anyone can get unlimited, unblocked access to Skype from anywhere in the world with TorGuard’s VPN service.


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