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Check My Torrent IP Address

How to Check your Utorrent or Bittorrent IP Address

If you're using an anonymous torrent proxy or our VPN services, there are many ways your personal IP address can still be exposed. Use our free torrent IP checker to analyze your proxy or private VPN connection and eliminate common problems, including:

  • VPN connection drops

  • A Misconfigured Proxy

  • A Misconfigured Firewall

  • Client software bugs

TorGuard's “Check My Torrent IP” tool is a torrent tracker that lets you download a legal torrent file. Because no one other than you has this torrent and there are no seeders, so the torrent will not download or complete. Keep it active in your queue as long as you wish. It shows your torrent IP within your torrent client so you can constantly monitor your setup and the IP you show.

Monitoring your torrent IP address will help you patch holes in your security practices in order to better safeguard your privacy.


Where do I find my IP within my torrent application?

You can usually find the IP tracker under a tracker property called "Status.” So just look at your “Tracker” list to find it. Some clients constantly show your status in this tab, like uTorrent; others show a popup, like Vuze and Azureus; and others don't show it at all (Bitcomet).

The “Warning” message you should see in the “Status” column should show you an IP address within a sentence like "Warning: your torrent client IP is [address].”



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How TorGuard Works
When you download or seed a torrent, you connect to several other people. This is called a swarm, and everyone in the swarm can see your computer's IP address. But independent monitoring groups can also join swarms in order to monitor activity and log IP addresses. They can notify your ISP of your doings and use the information for other purposes. Our proxy and VPN services funnel your internet and BitTorrent through another server, so that those in Torrent swarm see an IP address from our server that can't be traced back to you. That way, these “prying eyes” can't identify you, and your ISP will not have any cause to send you a harrowing letter.

Hide Your True IP

"Your IP address is your online fingerprint"

Your IP Address is:

  • Remote Port: 17961
  • Request Method: GET
  • Server Protocol: HTTP/1.1
  • Server Host:
  • User Agent: CCBot/2.0 (

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Use our Torrent Proxy to hide your true online identity and hide behind one of our many anonymous Proxy IP's. TorGuard clients can select which specific IP address and anonymous proxy server you wish to hide behind..