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Netflix proxy – how to watch Netflix with a proxy | Unblock Netflix | Anonymous VPN

14/12/12 5:24 PM

Netflix proxy – how to watch Netflix with a proxy

As you might now, Netflix can’t be watched if you live outside US (and couple of other countries that have access to Netflix).
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So, you might have thought to use a free proxy?
We’ll first of all, they aren’t fast enough to stream Netflix through, so forget it.
Better solution is to use VPN.
If you just need to unblock Netflix, you could use our dedicated proxy service.

Using a Netflix proxy to watch Netflix

What’s the difference between TorGuard’s VPN and proxy service, you might ask?
We’ll VPN is more secure as all the traffic on your computer is put in an encrypted tunnel, while proxy doesn’t encrypt traffic (we plan on implement encryption in our proxy service), an0d if you setup your browser to use proxy to unblock Netflix, this means that you real IP is still leaking, as all other services on your computer like Skype, different browser, antivirus software and many more, they are all broadcasting your real IP.
If your goal is to unblock Netflix and to be anonymous at the same time, then you need to forget thinking about proxies and you need to welcome VPN.

Avoid proxies and use VPN to unblock Netflix

Once you register with TorGuard, you need to download our client, and then you run it.
After that you input your credentials into it, and then click connect.
Few seconds later, you are connected and your whole computer Internet traffic is being put in an encrypted tunnel, which can’t be accessed not even by police, government, or ISP.
Now, you just revisit Netflix’s site, and you’ll be granted full access.
You have successfully unblocked Netflix in less than a minute all together.

Also, don’t forget, we do not keep logs, so you can be anonymous while you use our service.
You can forget Googling for “torrent vpn” and “how to download torrents anonymously” as TorGuard supports torrents fully.
You can download all day, every day, as we have unlimited speeds/bandwidth.
Watch Netflix From Any Country
Also, don’t forget that TorGuard’s  VPN service can be used also to unblock Facebook.
Sign up now for an account, and protect your anonymity with