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Unblock Netflix on the Kindle Fire from outside the US | Paperwhite | TorGuard

17/12/12 5:20 PM

Unblock Netflix on the Kindle Fire from outside the US

How to Buy a Kindle Fire From Outside the US | Anonymous VPN |
Netflix is great, I know. There is so much great content that is available to you. Only downside is that you must be from US to be able to access Netflix’s content.
Netflix is available only to costumers that are connecting to the Internet from the US. In order to be able to access Netflix from your country you will need to use a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.
By connecting to a VPN you receive an American IP address and Netflix’s site sees you as if you were connecting to Internet from USA.

Unfortunately Kindle Fire tablet does not support VPN natively. In order to use a VPN on your Kindle tablet you will need to:
•    Share a VPN Connection in Windows or
•    Share a VPN Connection in OS X or
•    Share a VPN Connection From a Router
We have written about all three cases of VPN sharing that are mentioned above.

First, register for a VPN account with TorGuard. Then, download our application.
Watch Netflix From Any Country

Run the application, select one of our anonymous VPN servers, enter your password and click connect.
Seconds after that you’ll be connected to one of our anonymous VPN servers.
In that process, you’ll inherit an IP address from our server, and from now on, this is your public IP address.

Next time you visit Netflix, you the site will welcome you.
Only thing you need to do now, is to share this computer VPN connection, with your Kindle Fire, for it to be able to access Netflix in the same way.
If you have DD-WRT router that supports VPN natively, this means no complications for you as your router is connected to VPN directly, and any devices that connects to your router will be behind VPN.

So, now you know how to unblock Netflix on Kindle Fire tablet, but don’t forget that you can use VPN to be anonymous on the Internet, because of the fact that here at TorGuard we do not keep logs. This means that you are anonymous as one can be on the Internet.
Also, days when you were Googling phrases like “unblock Facebook” and “download torrents anonymously” are a thing of the past, because no one can restrict or censure your Internet anymore.
Anonymous VPN | NO LOGS! -
You can use VPN at your workplace and you can be sure that your IT department can’t see what you are doing, and what sites you are visiting.
Be safe, protect yourself, watch Netflix, access Hulu, all with a help of TorGuard.

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