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Stream 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Live Online with VPN Service

07/02/14 8:50 PM

The Olympics truly are one of the greatest spectator sports. At almost 220 million viewers, the London 2012 Games had the most US television spectators, ever. This year, join the rest of the world and watch history being made – maybe not live though. The official broadcaster for the games, NBC is taking some heat for choosing not to stream certain events like the opening ceremony live as it happens.

Strict broadcasting rules and geographical content deals may prevent many people from viewing their favorite sports take place live. Certain Sochi live stream sites only allow viewers to stream content from specific geographical locations, blocking access to IP’s out of this range. How can one bypass these restrictions to watch the olympic games live? With VPN Service from TorGuard it is possible to tunnel your internet connection through 30+ countries around the world, unblocking full access to live olympic streams. In this way, it is possible to cheer for your home country and watch all events in your native language.

Follow this handy chart to watch live sochi Olympic coverage in your home country:

Canada >> Stream via CBC with Canada VPN Service.
UK >> Stream via BBC with UK VPN Service.
Australia >> Stream via TenPlay with Australia VPN Service.
China >> Stream via CNTV with China VPN Service.
Germany >> Stream via ZDF with German VPN Service.
Iceland >> Stream via VISIR with Iceland VPN Service.
Italy >> Stream via SKYGO with Italy VPN Service.
Holland >> Stream via NOS with Netherlands VPN Service.
Norway >> Stream via NRK with Norway VPN Service.
Romania >> Stream via TVR with Romania VPN Service.
Turkey >> Stream via TIVIBU with Turkey VPN Service.
Russia >> Stream via 1TV with Russia VPN Service.
Sweden >> Stream via SVT with Swedish VPN Service.
Brazil >> Stream via GLOBO with Brazil VPN Service.
Japan >> Stream via GORIN with Japan VPN Service.
Spain >> Stream via RTVE with Spanish VPN Service.
France >> Stream via PLUZZ with France VPN Service.
NZ >> Stream via SKY with New Zealand VPN Service.
USA >> Stream via NBC with USA VPN Service.

How to Stream Live Sochi Olympics with TorGuard

If you find yourself in a geo-restricted area and want to unblock Sochi coverage in your native language, you have come to the right place. Follow these easy steps on getting started with TorGuard’s anonymous VPN services:

1.) Purchase Anonymous VPN service from TorGuard

2.) Download and install the easy to use VPN software

3.) Connect to the VPN country of your choice and visit one of the links above to begin.

Check out this easy to follow chart to find out when your favorite sport will be broadcast live: