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How to Watch Vudu in Canada

04/12/12 5:14 PM

How to watch Vudu from Canada

Vudu video on demand service is not officially available in Canada, but you know that.
This is what has brought you here.
You are from Canada, and you realized that you are not able to access Vudu’s content.
You can, and we are going to show you how.
Vudu detects your country by looking at your IP address.
IP address is a number which is given to you by your Canadian Internet Service Provider. Result is that the Vudu can detect your location the moment you visit their website, as you are broadcasting your IP address to each and every site you visit.
For us to bypass this, we need to make Vudu think that you are a customer living in the USA.
But, how will we do that?

Trick Vudu into thinking you are located in the US

In order for you to change your IP address, you’ll need to use a TorGuard’s VPN service.
By registering, running our program and clicking connect, you will be connected to our USA VPN server in a matter of seconds.
After the connection is established, you have inherited US IP address straight from our US VPN server. So now, your real IP address is hidden, and each and every site that you visit sees your new American IP address.
You are now anonymous, as here at TorGuard we do not keep logs, so there’s no tracing you back by looking at your new American IP address, that you are hiding behind now.
Now, revisit Vudu’s site, register, enter US post code (90280), and it will work fine.
Now you can watch Vudu from Canada just like you were located in the US.

What about my gadgets? PlayStation? Other devices?

Playstation, Xbox and TV’s don’t support VPN natively, you will need to use a router that can connect to VPN.
If you can’t setup your router to be directly connected to VPN, you can always share VPN connection from your computer to the device that you are trying to connect.
We’ve written about it before, so make sure you read it if you are interested and in need about that specific solution.

Cool thing is that on the iPad and iPad Mini (Androids also and iPhones) you setup a VPN connection manually.
We’ve written about it before, also.

Now you have universal solution that will keep you safe and anonymous on the Internet.
You can now stop Googling phrases like “torrent vpn” because you have found
You can watch Vudu, Netflix, Hulu, listen to Pandora and access many more US only restricted sites, by using our VPN service.
On top of that you are 100% anonymous, as we do not keep logs.

Register for VPN service today! Get a TorGuard account!

  • bgrigor

    Yes, but…it’s not just about your IP address. Even if you spoof the IP address, you still need a US-based payment method. VUDU has added a check to confirm your credit card matches a US-based billing address. At one time it was possible to fake that too, but VUDU has tightened up the checking and the old method no longer works as of about a year ago. If you can’t get past that, you don’t get to play.

  • Pete

    VPN or DNS masking or altering no longer works as VUDU has made an upgrade to the system. Here is there explanation;

    I apologize for the connection issue you are experiencing. Recently our engineering department updated our systems framework, and as s a result of this update, access to our service via proxy servers will no longer be available. This includes but not limited to hosting companies and anonymous proxies. We understand that VPN/Proxy servers may have worked in the past, but they have never been officially supported by VUDU. We are aware that this update will affect some of our customers, and apologize for the inconvenience.

    Unfortunately, if you are not in the U.S. or Mexico, you will have the option to create an account, but not to stream movies or TV shows.

    • Brent Dubeckyj

      ya but you had no problem taking money from my paypal account first before telling me I cant watch it, thanks gies