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How to Unblock Twitter in Turkey for Free with TorGuard

21/03/14 7:51 PM



Turkish Government officials have recently imposed regulations that mandate all Turkish ISP’s block Twitter access effective immediately. The reason for blocking the massive micro blogging website stems from tweets that shed light on alleged corruption of top government officials.

“We will eradicate Twitter,” Erdoğan, the Prime Minister of Turkey stated at a political rally this past week. “I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness the power of the Turkish Republic.” There are roughly 10 million Twitter users based in Turkey.

Let’s not forget that web access has already been extremely restricted in Turkey so this really should not be a surprise for anyone. As a result of a recently enacted law passed in February, regulations now allow Turkey’s local telcoms regulator TIB to demand website blockage within 4 hours – no court order required. This law goes even further by requiring local ISP’s to store web usage for up to two years just in case the government feels like reviewing it at a later date.

How to Unblock Twitter for Free in Turkey

Fortunately, unblocking twitter from within Turkey is very easy and there are multiple ways to accomplish this. The first free method of unblocking twitter from any device is to use the Free Anonymous Web Proxy Simply visit the website, enter in the website you wish to unblock ( and click enter. This will instantly provide fast access to one’s twitter account from within Turkey – at no cost whatsoever.

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When using a VPN service provider you can enjoy the benefits of unlocking global content regardless of where you live. This means that if you reside in Turkey, a VPN will unblock the web’s most popular websites and streaming services with just the click of a button. A VPN tunnels your entire internet connection through the country of your choosing so that streaming service like Netflix or Pandora will actually think you are located in that contry. This way it is possible to watch some of today’s most popular programming when traveling abroad. Trying to catch up with your friends on Facebook and Twitter? Using TorGuard easily unblocks your favorite social networking sites when traveling abroad in Turkey.




Turkey VPN Service

TorGuard offers fast VPN servers located in Turkey that will enhance one’s web browsing experience so it appears you live there! Connect to local Turkey VPN servers from anywhere in the world and your internet connection will virtually reside within Turkey. This means everything like local google searches, news websites, twitter and more will display in local language just as if you were living there.

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