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How to setup Smart DNS on Windows 7 with TorGuard

26/02/14 8:30 PM

Using TorGuard’s innovative Smart DNS technology, it is possible to gain high speed access to restricted websites and services without the need for using a VPN. Smart DNS performs much faster that VPN service as there is no heavy encryption to slow down the connection. Unblock Netflix or just speed up performance by bypassing slow network nodes. Smart DNS servers feature gigabit connection speeds with unlimited bandwidth so you can stream HD content with ease.

Unblock services like Netflix, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, Hulu and many many more. Overcome ISP censorship and bypass website blocks in restrictive countries, or access your favorite youtube videos while at work. TorGuard SmartDNS supports almost any streaming content in virtually any country worldwide. And of course, Torrents are OK.

This new technology was engineered to compliment TorGuard’s popular anonymous VPN and Proxy services and is optimized to provide the most secure web experience possible. All SmartDNS servers are 100% anonymous and don’t keep any usage logs for web browsing habits or website requests. Rest easy when surfing with SmartDNS knowing your private web requests will stay – private.

SmartDNS works on almost any device including WiFi routers, Computers, Smartphones, Tablets or even popular gaming systems like Playstation and Xbox. Setup just takes a minute and no complicated install is required.

Follow these setup instructions only once. After these steps are taken your device will automatically route through the Smart DNS server every time.

1.) Access the TorGuard members area and click My Services on the navigation panel. Select your SmartDNS service and click the product details icon on the right.

Paste the current IP addres you wish to use SmartDNS on and click “Allow IP”. You can find your current IP address by accessing

Works on Any Device

Copy (Ctrl+C) the Primary Nameserver IP for use in the following steps.

2.) Click the Start button and search for the network and sharing center

Works on Any Device

3. ) From the Network and Sharing Center, click Change adapter settings in the top left corner.

Works on Any Device

4.) Right click your active internet adapter and select Properties.

Works on Any Device

5.) Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click the properties button.

Works on Any Device

6.) Click “Use the following DNS server addresses” and paste the IP from the members area under Preferred and Alternate DNS Server. Click OK.

Works on Any Device

7.) Click OK, and OK once again. Next, restart your PC and that is it! Your connection is now being tunneled through a SmartDNS server.

  • Zeronothing

    Is this service available yet? I can’t seem to find it available in the clients area. sounds like something very similar to unotelly.