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How to remove adware ads from uTorrent | VPN service | TorGuard

03/01/13 7:11 PM

Utorrent – how to remove adware / ads | make it clean and light again
How to remove uTorrent ads - adware | Easy tutorial how to make it clean again

I know, you’ve noticed that uTorrent if you click “check for udpates” downloads latest version and installs whole lot of unwanted stuff.

All of this can be avoided, If you go to official site, download the setup file, and run it, but make sure when you get to the last screen, where the button FINNISH is presented, that you UNTICK everything, or same thing will be installed this time also.

If you by mistake got the ads, this is how to remove them:
First go to ADVANCED and set the following to FALSE:

net.discoverable – to FALSE  / this makes your utorrent more secure

web.ui.allow paring – set to FALSE / this makes your utorrent more secure

This following will turn off all the ads – set everything to FALSE (if it is not already set that way):

gui.show_plus_upsell – set to FALSE

offers.left_rail_offer_enabled – set to FALSE

offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled – set to FALSE

gui.show_notorrents_node – set to FALSE

offers.content_offer_autoexec – set to FALSE

Now you can enjoy your anonymity and downloading torrents, without ads disturbing you and offering you something you didn’t sign up for.

Remember, that by using VPN service from TorGuard – you are being anonymous as we do not keep any logs – so it is not possible to trace-back your Internet activity back to you!

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  • Anthony Di Iorio

    Or you could just switch to Deluge.

    • misterkitty

      Yeah deluge or vuze is x10 better than utorrent

  • Geekoid

    Awesome. Thanks for this guide.