Why you need an Anonymous Torrent Proxy

Do you really what the world seeing your torrent download activity?



If you use torrenting download clients like Bittorrent or uTorrent, you need an anonymous bittorrent solution to protect your IP. Otherwise, third parties might join the torrent swarm to be able to detect your IP address and the filename, two sensitive pieces of personal information that you want to protect. Our anonymous proxy product can help fight this problem by completely disguising your IP address on all torrenting activity to give perfect downloading anonymity.

There are two risks to downloading torrents unprotected. The first is that your ISP will throttle your usage for exceeding their bandwidth limits. The second is that your activity will be monitored and someone will legally require your ISP to send you a letter with some sort of legal implications. In each of these cases, inadequate privacy will cause you varying degrees of inconvenience, potentially including significant legal fines. And each of them requires that third parties be able to track your IP address.

For a while it was enough to use a simple peer blocking tools that would filter out specific IP addresses based on a predetermined list so they couldn’t monitor your activity. Sadly, those simple days have passed and now you need a broader defense. Our anonymous torrent software configures your torrent client to hide your IP address with a little more than the click of a button. We reroute you torrenting activity through one of more than 20 anonymous proxy servers, all of which keep zero activity logs of any kind. And you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth and upload/download speeds from our end while protecting your sensitive personal information from anyone and everyone.

Combined with our setup help and customer support available 24/7, this ability to protect your personal online safety is the best way to enjoy torrenting and online downloading easily and securely. And you can cancel your anonymous bittorrent proxy with us at anytime without any penalty. It’s the perfect solution to a serious threat.


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