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For those who want to improve their security with end-to-end protection of their emails, we now offer encrypted webmail security in addition to anonymous torrent and VPN services. In the normal course of sending an email, there are a number of opportunities for unwanted and unauthorized parties to observe its contents and capture sensitive personal information. When added to a personal VPN, email encryption addresses these holes and completes the protective layer around a person’s data and Internet use.

As our reliance on email communication increases, we have started to use it for everything from storage to accessing other remote tools like calendar, tasks, and notes. The more we rely on this connection, the more the risks posed by a security breach grow. People send important business communications, discuss their personal activity, and even save sensitive information online using email. And when they do this, sending information via POP3 software or browser-based email clients, the data is only as secure as the connection to the mail server where encryption happens. Whether you are worried about Man in the Middle attacks on your personal information, keeping advertisers’ hands off your browsing data and interests, or safeguarding important backups, encrypting your email is essential.

Secure G/PGP encrypted webmail protects your data no matter how you access email, hiding the contents of messages before they leave your computer. This protection extends to mobile devices, software clients, and browser-based email, providing hack-proof security for easy communication with any OpenPGP-compatible email user.

TorGuard provides web-based email anonymity using the uncrackable OpenPGP encryption method. We provide templates for desktop and mobile mailboxes to give you customizability, access to your email from anywhere in the world, encrypting from any browser, and easy installation so anyone can secure their email.

You can see the difference that anonymous email and VPN services make, encrypting data from the instant it leaves your device. Enjoy full, end-to-end email security with TorGuard’s G/PGP encrypted webmail.


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